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Hardware & Networking Detailed Syllabus

1. Introduction about Computer

1.1 Basics of computer
1.2 Organization of computer.
1.3 Software and hardware.
1.4 Input/output devices.

2. Basic networking concepts

2.1 Network topologies:
2.1.1 LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, CAN.
2.2 Networking Model
2.2.1 The OSI model
2.2.2 TCP/ IP Model
2.3 Network adapters.
2.4 Introducing protocols.
2.5 Cabling and troubleshooting.

3. Introduction to various networking devices:

3.1 Routers.
3.2 Switches.
3.3 Modems.
3.4 Hubs etc.
3.5 Wired and Wireless technology.

4. Inside the PC:

4.1 Opening the PC and identification.
4.2 Study of different blocks.
4.3 Assembling and disassembling.

5. Network basic and configuration:

5.1 Setting IP addresses.
5.2 Sharing files and folders.
5.3 Network troubleshooting.
5.4 PING test, ipconfig etc.

6. Introduction to servers and network security

6.1 Types of servers:
6.1.1 Files servers
6.1.2 Email Servers
6.1.3 Proxy servers etc.
6.2 Basics of Internet and Intranet:
6.3 Types of Internet connections:
6.3.1 Dialup, Broadband, Leased Line, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, 2G, 3G, 4G, WWW, E-mails, Search Engines, Social Networking.
6.3.2 Cloud application.
6.3.3 Audio-video Conferencing.
6.3.4 Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
6.4 Recovery and backup.
6.5 Essential security measures.

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