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DevOps Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to DevOps

∙Understand DevOps, its roles and responsibilities
∙DevOps problems and solutions
∙Identify cultural impediments and overcome it
∙Understand the infrastructure layouts and its challenges
∙Network Concepts at Enterprise Scale

Module 2: Version Control System, GIT

∙Introduction to VCS
∙Type of VCS Tools and working Style
∙GIT Work Flow
∙Working Locally with GIT
∙Working Remotely with GITHUB
∙Branching and Merging
∙Resolve merge Conflict
∙GIT reset and Stash operation
∙How to setup Git on Premises Hardware
∙Use Case In Devops Environment

Module 3: Jenkins

∙Introduction to Jenkins
∙Install and setup Jenkins
∙Plugin Managemnent
∙Introduction about Maven project
∙Setup Jenkins with Maven Project
∙Project Test and Auto deployment on Application Server
∙Build Pipeline View Project
∙Configure Remote tasks Using Jenkins
∙Jenkins Slave Node Configuration
∙Generate Reports & Enable Mail Notification
∙Intregation With Ansible & Docker & GIT Server

Module 4: Docker

∙Docker Introduction
∙Major Docker Components & Docker Installation
∙Manage Docker Images & container Commands
∙Manage Docker images from Dockerfile
∙Docker Volume
∙Backup of docker image and restore operation
∙Docker Networking
∙Docker Swarm (Cluster Management)

Module 5: Ansible

∙Introduction about Automation
∙Ansible architecture
∙Ansible Modules and inventory
∙Manage tasks by Add-hoc method
∙How to write Playbooks
∙Variables And Facts In Playbook
∙Condition & Loop in playbook
∙Notify & handler In playbook
∙Manage Templates file
∙Roles Structure and Ansible Galaxy Use case
∙Vault Encryption In ansible for security
∙Ansible Integration with Aws Cloud
∙Dynamic inventory Administration
∙Ansible Tower Management
∙Manage jobs in Tower
∙Tower Intregration With Devops Environment

Module 6: Puppet

∙Introduction to Puppet architecture
∙ Ansible VS Puppet configuration Tools
∙Installation of Puppet Server and Client
∙Puppet DSL Structure Introduction
∙Creating Manifests file and puppet classes
∙Variable and Facter and Condition in Manifests
∙Puppet Template File
∙Puppet Modules

Module 7: Automation with chef

∙Chef Architecture
∙Installation of Chef server
∙Installation of Chef Workstation
∙Installation of Chef Agent
∙Chef Cookbooks
∙Chef Recipes
∙Tools- Knife and Scripting
∙Chef Development Kit(ChefDK)

Module 8: Vagrant

∙Vagrant Introduction and Installation
∙About Vagrant File
∙Prepare machine By Vagrant file
∙Integration With Ansible & Puppet

Module 9: Monitoring with Nagios

∙Nagios Overview
∙Understand Nagios Architecture
∙Install and Setup Nagios on Linux
∙Install and setup NRPE client
∙Setup monitoring
∙Enable email alert

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